A Singular Reality

Spiritual and Critical Perspectives on Freedom and Oppression

My latest work, inspired by recent activism, and the basis of my contribution to a joint event between The Schumacher Institute and The Spirit of Humanity Forum in October 2018. Also drawing on a workshop I gave at the Spirit of Humanity Forum 2017 in Reykjavik.

Essay: Spiritual and Critical Perspectives on Freedom and Oppression

Materialism and Where It Leaves Us

I have contributed a chapter on the significance of the materialist worldview to our planetary situation, to the first issue of the Schumacher Institute's journal System Change, themed around the concept of the 'Anthropocene'.

A Singular Reality/Admission of Ignorance/Word in Process

These essays constitute a single, highly personal project, written first and foremost as an aid to my own thinking. This is my first attempt to write anything substantial, and I would definitely not stand by everything I have said. For what it is worth though, it is willingly shared.

A Singular Reality
A meditation, ten years in the making, on consciousness, metaphysics and self-reference.

A Singular Reality (PDF, 15MB)

Admission of Ignorance
A series of three essays. First a summary of the main ideas in A Singular Reality, primarily to make that work more accesible, and then two further reflections around the themes of knowledge and human civilisation.

Part I: Summary of A Singular Reality (PDF, 1.4MB)
Part II: On Tension and Vulnerability in Knowing (PDF, 1.4MB)
Part III: Consciousness or Extinction (PDF, 0.9MB)

Word in Process
A sort of afterword to all of the above.

Word in Process (PDF, 0.5MB)
"Festina Lente"