A Singular Reality

The Schumacher Institute of Sustainable Systems

I am a research fellow of the Schumacher Institute, a Bristol-based independent 'think and do' tank working at the interface of ecological, social and economic issues. Inspired by the work of the economist E.F. Schumacher. I am part of the production team of the Institute's new online, open-access journal System Change.

The Schumacher Institute: http://www.schumacherinstitute.org.uk

Spiral Edge: web development and beyond

I am a founder of Spiral Edge, an ethical business providing web design, development and data services for third sector organisations, particularly in the sectors of sustainable food and energy, and based in Bristol (UK). One of our major platforms in EnergyMap, an innovative and powerful web application to visualise and analyse UK energy consumption.

"Festina Lente"